On Our Way to Equality and Peace

This book provides real life experiences, global studies, insights, and the 7 Habits of Equality that will reshape the world into one where all children have equal opportunities, from the beginning  to the end of their lives.

Laurie Levin shares how the loss of her mother as a child and multiple sexual assaults, including rape, led her to her
life’s calling. From corporate executive to coach and author, always a feminist and social justice advocate, always hopeful.

Equality can become our reality when each of us comes to terms with how we uphold inequality. The long-standing domination of men over women is reflected in our language, traditions, choices, votes, and what we do and don’t pay attention to.

What you will discover in this book:

The most important thing parents can do to change the world

Our unconscious habits that perpetuate inequality

Inspiring stories to shift resentment to empathy, hope, and action

7 Habits of Equality that will speed our way to gender equality and peace

Inner peace and freedom as you become the solution

In this book you will discover how to unplug from habits of inequality that perpetuate 2nd class citizenry for 50% of the world’s population and become part of the solution.

Awareness + 7 Habits of Equality + Love = Peace

Peace is only possible when we treat everyone fairly. As girls and women thrive, so can and will the world.

Peace is only possible when we treat everyone fairly. As girls and women thrive, so can and will the world.

Call me a Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace by Laurie Levin is one of the most fact-filled and eye-opening easy reads of our time that breaks down the reality and what we can do about it around inequality. Not only for women, this book represents equality and just being a better human being as our eyes are opened to laws, operations, beliefs and social norms that continue to keep us in the same place. The time has come for this book and it should be used in every social, educational, corporate, and governmental curriculum as reference.”

Anna Pereira

CEO, Soul Ventures, Founder, The Wellness Universe

“This book brilliantly articulates the status of gender equality in this moment, and how much of the problem is unconscious beliefs and traditions.

This book is a clarion call to our hearts and minds to consciously do better. Levin provides a vision of what could be… peace, freedom, and equality.

A must read for this moment.”

Rebecca Now

Executive Director and Historical ReEnactor of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Call Me a Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace is a book both long overdue and ahead of its time. Levin beautifully frames our current society, the actions and beliefs that got us here, and where we need to go to form a more perfect humanity for all of us.

As a white male in the United States, I am often blinded by the inequality that faces women of every race. However, I am aware that lack of action is part of the inequality problem. Levin’s book should be a discussion topic for all of us to ensure we make the change that is so crucial for the future of humanity.”

Martin Harvey

Founder & CEO, White Whale Web Design

There are more months in the year than countries in the world where women and men have equal rights.

This imbalance is the cause of the most pressing challenges we face today.

“When we give women the same respect and opportunities as men, we give the world its best chance for peace, prosperity, and survival.”

—Laurie Levin,
Author, Call Me a Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace

“When we give women the same respect and opportunities as men, we give the world its best chance for peace, prosperity, and survival.”

—Laurie Levin,
Author, Call Me a Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace

About The Author

As a Certified Coach, Laurie supports clients nation-wide to reach a healthy weight, quickly and safely, learning the most important Habits of Health with a comprehensive lifestyle program. She also coaches individuals, families, and organizations to learn the extraordinary HeartMath® tools to reduce feelings like anxiety, depression, frustration, and overwhelm on demand, for optimal health and performance, at home, school, and work.

We don’t usually think of equality when we’re talking about health and well-being, and we need to as it impacts each of us when any of us is held back from our full potential. When we live Habits of Health, we create health. When we live Habits of Equality, we create equality-word by word, choice by choice, tradition by tradition.

Join Me in Creating a Healthier, Happier, and More Peaceful World!.

Thank you, Laurie Levin, for having the courage to point out the current reality of where we stand in the world today. The truth can be a source of contention for men and women alike who aspire to the notion that we belong at home raising children. Yet we can choose to have a successful and challenging career as well as give birth and raise children.

Levin’s book knocks it out of the park, and I’m excited by the impact it will have to inspire the next generation and open the minds of the men in our world. Let’s honor all the women in our lives because the world cannot heal without us.”

Delia Garcia


I highly recommend this book and believe it’s the perfect gift for high school graduates, women who are starting their careers, women who are marrying, planning a family. In other words, for every woman who wonders if she can ‘have it all’ and wants to know what she and the men in her life can do.”

Lori Bunton

Co-President, ERA-NC Alliance

“Laurie Levin’s new book, Call Me a Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace, movingly shows how traditional gender roles can cause dysfunction within families and both physical and psychological harm for women. Levin’s book effectively shows how changing from traditional habits of inequality to habits of equality can help each of us as individuals and benefit society at large. This book needs to be read, heard and heeded by men as well as women!”

Keith Holzmueller

Former Vice President, Ipsos and TNS Global


Imagine a world where children are raised with the same expectations regardless of gender, where fair play and collaboration are more important than winning, where power shared rather than power over another is the ultimate goal. Imagine that mindset. Imagine those skills. Imagine that world.

Laurie Levin creates a dialogue that women and men of all ages and generations can connect to. It is a sad history of how language, and even the word history, subjugates women to a less than and often forgotten role. She points out that institutionalized sexism is so prevalent that across generations and countries, past and present, women are routinely second-class citizens.”

Cathy Lebeaux

MA, MS, LPC, BC-DMT, Licensed Professional Counselor

“After reading only a few paragraphs into the book I knew I wanted to read all of it. Laurie Levin is a master storyteller and easily draws us in. Her personal account of overcoming tragedy and anti-female behavior from men in her life, penetrated my very being. This book will open our minds to the bias-enabling language that permeates our verbal discourse. Call Me a Woman is for readers of every sex. Thank you, Laurie, for your courage and contribution to ending sexism and creating equality.”

Gail Zelitzky

Founder and Business Coach

This is an important book that I believe will become a reference point for business, the corporate world, and educational institutions. It is rich with data and full of hope for a new way to move toward true equality.”

Lorraine Langdon-Hull


When we respect adult women enough to call them women, as we refer to adult men as men, and when we respect women enough to pay them and vote for them equally, then, and only then, will we have become the people who can bring peace to the world. Until then, we will always fall short. After all, women are half of every race, religion, ethnic group, economic class, and nation.

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